Unschooling: Frequently Asked Questions

  Since unschooling went public, people started hurling questions, accusations, and criticisms about this ‘radical’ practice of educating children. Is it legal? Why even do such a thing? What sort of people would come out of it? What about their future? What place will they have in our society? And the list can go on.[…]

A Closer Look at Unschooling

Have you ever asked the question how schools came about? Why do people even make them? And how far has it gone from the real sense of genuine learning experience?     Every human being, and indeed every child, was born with this innate desire to know, to make sense of the world around him,[…]

The Nuts and Bolts of Unschooling

Unschooling is not really new to us. The idea of a purely learner-centered education has been around since the 80s in response to what was viewed as faulty and inadequate understanding of human development from which the traditional school system was built. Institutionalized learning is viewed as an obstacle children must face to reach the[…]