A Closer Look at Unschooling

Have you ever asked the question how schools came about? Why do people even make them? And how far has it gone from the real sense of genuine learning experience?


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Every human being, and indeed every child, was born with this innate desire to know, to make sense of the world around him, and to create new things out of the inexhaustible well of human imagination. Way before schools were even built, we know for a fact that man has already learned so much about the world around him. Is it any wonder why we have these amazing inventions of the ancient world, like the Great Pyramids and the Stonehenge? That was way back centuries ago before we even had schools.

Come to think of it. How did Archimedes learn about the relationship of volume, density, and water displacement? Exactly. Through his own observations and remarkable insight about the physical world. ‘But not every child can be a scientist,’ you might ask. Believe it or not, every child is, in his own little way, a scientist or an artist. He just have to bring it out of himself and to let someone nurture that gift in a caring and loving way. Many a gifted child had gone out of school not knowing what they are really capable of, only to find them out later in life. Did anyone say Albert Einstein?

The truth is that our educational system is structured for the industrial age. It has nothing to do with your child. It’s all about how they can make people run everything like clockwork in a never-ending cycle. Sure, he might learn something here and there but what about his own interests and his personal development as a human being? Think of all the hours and days wasted on things your child never fully understood because it was not his own way of learning things. No wonder many parents are now rising up against the established norms of educational institutions. They simply cannot give the right learning parents had hoped for to their children.

A better way is to let the child know what he wants to know and to give him the learning environment and resources that would allow him to do so. Unschooling provides every child the opportunity to explore beyond the limits of structured learning environment. It’s education done the nature’s way in a sense that children are immersed in real-life situations where they eventually learn how to deal with them. But they do so at their own pace. No rushing, no exams to worry about and no risk of flunking out. It’s the feeling of satisfaction of being able to grasp the idea or acquiring new skills that serve as the intrinsic motivation to push forward and cover new grounds.

Some people, especially those from the mainstream, may disagree with unschooling and continually argue against it. But up to this point they have not come up with a workable solution to rectify the situation in our schools. Perhaps unschooling is a better alternative if not ‘the’ only alternative solution.


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