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Hi – I’m reaching out to everyone that I can find who is in either the homeschooling or unschooling community. I’d prefer unschooling where possible. I’ve currently started “playing” with this idea – my son is of “kindergarten” age but California doesn’t require kindergarten attendance.

I decided to start homeschooling this year so we’d get in the swing of things for next year when there IS mandatory enrollment. What I found is that traditional methods aren’t a good fit for us – worksheets, coloring pages etc are things my son easily tires of.

What I’m left with is knowing that my son is very kinetic. Traditional methods just aren’t going to work. It’ll be like trying to teach a pig to sing. Neither of us need that frustration.

But this knowledge also leaves me in a predicament. How to I keep records of his learning for the off chance that the state will decide to pay us a visit? How do I prove we’ve been “doing school” and meeting requirements when we don’t actively set out to do it?

Are there any record keeping methods – for the state of California – that you’re aware of that I can read through?

I’ll probably post to your FB wall as well for some additional exposure.

thank you!!

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5 Responses to Reader Question: Record keeping

  1. Faith Void says:

    I am unsure about CA specific requirements but rest assured that there are unschoolers in every state and it is legal in every state. I am in OR now but I use to live in PA which had a lot of hoops to jump through {sigh} glad that’s over :-) It can be done.

    I kept a daily journal. It was very simple…

    watched XXX TV program (theme was XYZ)
    discussed XXX concept
    Took walk to playground
    discussed YYY concept
    drew a picture of PQR
    skyped with granny (talked about a, b, c)
    built with legos (built an S)

    it just took a few moments. I used a little day planner from the dollar store. I kept it in my bag or pocket. Or wrote what I remembered at night. It was more for me. And helped me translate our life into the artificial concept of “School”.

    There are also books available for purchase. Here is one found at The Unschooler’s Emporium.

  2. Granola Girl says:

    We are an unschooling family which found state subsidized homeschooling through a charter school. We are in washington state, but our school is modeled after some in California so I know it exists. It is considered virtual school. My son has to answer 2 email questions a week and we have to do “monthly reviews” which are just cut and paste from his “learning plan.” Though this sound very formal, we have never spoken to a person, never seen a person, never had to visit anywhere. They have flat our said, they provide a learning plan so the state will leave them alone, but you are free to teach your child anyway you chose.

    Technically my son is a public school student which makes it free. They do all the record keeping and all that state stuff. All we have to do is make sure our contact is in and we’re good. It is a pretty sweet deal. I’d look into “homeschool charter schools.”

  3. Stuart says:

    Just one idea:
    You could keep a photo log of his lego builds.
    If they query that, tell them about google and lego.

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    My own son is only 3, but my understanding is that record keeping is minimal if you establish a Private School in your home. Basically attendance records and a list of courses of study, but not an proof of work itself.

    You might want to join Homeschool Association of California. They have local reps who you can call and ask questions about getting started.

    Good luck.

  5. Jade says:

    Thanks everyone –

    Our plan was to file a PSA (to become a private school) and have since found that as long as we do that the only other “requirements” are ones that we aren’t even required to show someone if they asked!! 1. course of study, 2. immunization record/waiver and 3. attendance log.

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