Darcel Williams July 10, 2010

Learning to Live Free

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Society says that we should all sit in a building, and learn the same way as other children. When our kids don’t learn the way others do, they get labeled with ADD/ADHD. We’re told that school provides socializing, and gets you ready for the real world according to the public school system.

We are supposed to work a 9-5 until we retire, and it doesn’t matter if we like the job. That’s just what we do. People will tell you to live your dreams, but you can only pursue them as long as you stay in the limits that the rest of society has set.

We’re taught from a very early age that you do as your told. Our choices are limited if we have any at all.

As an adult it can be hard to break out of the box. We’re so used to being told what to do, and what’s an acceptable way to live.

But what happens when you decide to take a chance? What happens when you start making your own choices, and you don’t worry about living the “acceptable” way?

You start living a free life. You become a free thinker.

  • What if you fail?
  • What if you are more successful than you ever imagined?
  • What if you’rerejected?
  • What if you help someone else discover how to live free?
  • What if you conquer that obstacle that your friends or family said you never would?
  • What if your life is so full of joy, happiness, and laughter?
  • What if you have a new outlook on life?
  • What if you learn to truly live in the moment?
  • What if you look back on your life and have no regrets?
  • What if you actually enjoy your work because your doing what you love?
  • What if you start living the life you want, and not the life someone expects you to live?

The more I learn and embrace this Radical Unschooling lifestyle, the more I enjoy it. The further away I get from that box I kept myself in.

Jill Scott says it all.

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I’m a Stay at Home Mama to two beautiful girls and a sweet newborn little boy. We are an Attachment Parenting, Unschooling family. My favorite colors are red and pink, I also love chocolate and peanut butter. I’m a lip gloss addict who misses wearing high heels.

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4 Responses to Learning to Live Free

  1. TopHat says:

    I love this! I need to write some of those down and remember them.

  2. Rana says:

    I love it! That’s what we are trying to do “Live Life Like It’s Golden”.

  3. Faith Void says:

    I love the questions! We have been asking ourselves these and similar ones over the past year. We have and are radically changing our lives.

  4. Darcel says:

    I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I remember these questions when times get hard.
    Our life is changing and getting better one step at a time.

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